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Kill Me, Heal Me” is already halfway through! A lot has happened so far, but there is still so much we have left to discover. Up until now, we have met five of Cha Do Hyun’s seven personalities. Though we have gotten little hints as to who Na Na is, we have yet to learn anything about the final personality, Mystery X. With that, let’s take a closer look at the other five personalities and how Ji Sung portrays them!

1. Cha Do Hyun


Honestly, I was a little hesitant at first with Ji Sung because this was my first drama of his. Not knowing what to expect from Ji Sung, I originally thought his portrayal of Cha Do Hyun felt a little awkward. However, I soon realized that that was Cha Do Hyun’s actual personality. When you think about it, most of his anger is in Shin Se Gi, most of his sadness is in Ahn Yo Sub, etc. Cha Do Hyun is made to seem like a very dry character because most of his emotions are locked up in other personalities. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to what the “whole” Cha Do Hyun will be like in the end when the personalities (hopefully) all merge back together.

2. Shin Se Gi


Shin Se Gi is such a complicated personality, and Ji Sung has done such a wonderful job portraying him. Unlike Cha Do Hyun, Shin Se Gi is like an open book with his feelings clear in his facial expressions. As it has been said several times, Shin Se Gi was created to absorb and hide the painful memories of Cha Do Hyun’s abuse. Because of this, he harbors most—if not all—of the hate Cha Do Hyun feels towards the people of his dark past. I find it quite interesting, however, that it has become clear that Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) is part of that past. This is why Shin Se Gi listens to her so readily. I honestly hope that Shin Se Gi isn’t “destroyed,” but rather put back together in Cha Do Hyun along with all the other personalities in the end.

3. Ahn Yo Sub


Ahn Yo Sub holds a special place in my heart. He really pulls the instinct to protect out from me, so when he thanked Oh Ri Jin for what she did, I genuinely cried along with her. Ji Sung’s acting is so realistic with Ahn Yo Sub that I honestly find him to be one of the most well executed personalities. Unlike the other personalities, all of his emotions come from his eyes. And let’s be honest, acting with the eyes is often much harder than acting with the body.

4. Ahn Yo Na


The moment Ahn Yo Na appeared, I knew Ji Sung was a true gem. Ahn Yo Na is by far my favorite of the personalities, specifically because Ji Sung plays her so outrageously well. The scenes with Ahn Yo Na have had me doubled over laughing with tears in my eyes because of her antics! I can only assume that Ahn Yo Na is the bratty, childlike innocence found somewhere deep within us all. As much as she is definitely the so-called “problem child” of the bunch, one cannot help but love her anyway!

5. Perry Park


Honestly, to this day I’m still not 100 percent sure of the purpose of Perry Park personality. All of the other personalities either have triggers that bring them out or harbor certain emotions, but Perry Park is seemingly just an ajusshi that loves to drink, go boating, and make bombs. However, the conclusion I have come to is that he is 1) the genius side of Cha Do Hyun and 2) the rest of his story has yet to come.

Have you been keeping up-to-date with “Kill Me, Heal Me?” Tell us below what you think about all of Cha Do Hyun’s personalities and their purposes!

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