Park Myung Soo and Lizzy Reveal Hilarious MV Trailer for “Good Bye PMS”

Park Myung Soo and After School‘s Lizzy revealed the music video trailer for their music video, “Good Bye PMS.”

On February 11, they revealed the trailer that is reminiscent of a sci-fi movie through YouTube.

In the video, Park Myung Soo and Lizzy act in action scenes with a dark city as backdrop. In particular, the strong visual effects of the video forewarn an unordinary meeting between the two people. Also, Park Myung Soo appears as a monster in the middle of a grey city street, showing an unlikely presence.

An associate from Universal Music, who is in charge of music distribution, said, “We tried to show a high quality video as well as music, so much so that the filming took 16 hours.” They added, “Please look forward to the stellar acting by Park Myung Soo and Lizzy in the music video.”

Park Myung Soo and Lizzy’s full music video “Good Bye PMS” will be revealed on February 13 on YouTube.

Watch the trailer below!