Wheesung and Ailee to Collaborate for New Digital Single “Kiss”

It has been revealed that singer Wheesung and Ailee will be partnering for a brand new digital single!

Wheesung and Ailee’s new track titled “Kiss,” will be released on February 12 as the fourth song of a collaborative duet project.

The two solo artists have previously showcased a collaboration stage of the song “My Boo” on MBC’s Lunar New Year Special “Singer and Trainee” back in 2011. They have also worked together as producer and singer for Ailee’s “Heaven” and “Singing Got Better.”

Fans are already looking forward to hearing what kind of music the two power vocals will be bringing.

A representative of Wheesung explained, “Although Wheesung produced this song before enlisting in the army, he wasn’t able to release it before leaving. Since that time, a group called Purple Revel released it as a song by the title of ‘Hey Baby.’ Because it’s a song that Wheesung made with much affection, he made the decision to release it as a remake track.”
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