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She’s not a girl, not yet a woman, but Park Hye Joo, also known as Ellie, from “Angel Eyes” definitely deserves a spot on our Woman Crush Wednesday list. Serving as model Yoon Ye Joo‘s acting debut, Park Hye Joo is the bright, younger sister to our male lead, Park Dong Joo. Although her role was minor in comparison, the way she touched hearts certainly wasn’t and here’s five reasons why.

1. Park Hye Joo has an ever present smile.


Despite her illness and the difficulties she’s had to endure, Park Hye Joo always has a sweet, bright smile on her face. She always looks at situations in a positive light and embraces the small things in life like they are rare miracles. It’s hard to remain down when there’s a ray of sunshine beaming right over you in the form of Park Hye Joo, but that’s certainly the effect she has on everyone around her.

2. She’s mature for her age.


Park Hye Joo can cook, clean, and care for children like a real pro. She knows how to get caught right in the middle of a big mess, much to children’s delight, but she also knows when to toughen up and handle situations like an adult. She’s perfectly balanced and it shows every time she appears.

3. Park Hye Joo is responsible.


The moment in between adolescence and adulthood is the moment where people tend to go crazy, but Park Hye Joo is as responsible as they come. So responsible, in fact, that Park Dong Joo left her completely alone in America by returning to Korea first. When he returned to America and then came back to Korea for the second time, Park Hye Joo was still left alone without concern. He trusted that she would make it safely to Korea by herself. Park Dong Joo never worries about her, never questions her, and always treats her as an equal because she’s not reckless, impulsive, or fearless. If that’s not responsible, then I don’t know what is!

4. She’s a mother hen.


Well, this can’t always be a good trait, but for Park Hye Joo, it is. She knows the line between taking care of someone and nagging someone and understands when to cling in concern and when to offer personal space. She’s so balanced, it’s rather amazing, but it just goes to show that Park Dong Joo did an excellent job in raising her after their parents passed away. I’m not surprised considering how amazing their mother and our previous Woman Crush Wednesday, Yoo Jung Hwa, is.

Just like Park Dong Joo takes care of her, Park Hye Joo takes care of him. She watches out for him and supports him, no matter what. Through thick and thin, Park Hye Joo is always, always there.

5. Park Hye Joo can comfort hearts.


It takes a special kind of person to be able to soothe the broken heart of a child, but Park Hye Joo has that amazing ability. Ki Jin Mo grew up a little up under her care by realizing, understanding, and coming to terms with his mother’s death. Her ability to heal his wounds, and to even share in his pain, allowed Jin Mo to, in turn, comfort his father, Ki Woon Chan. She’s empathetic, gentle, and warm, which is a nice contrast to her chirpy, cheerful, and, sometimes, loud moments.

It is with this same ability that Park Hye Joo managed to win the affections of Teddy Seo and has formed an unbreakable bond of friendship with Yoon Soo Wan.

Soompiers, did you love Park Hye Joo as much as I did? Are you excited for Yoon Ye Joo’s next role? Let me know in the comments below! Our Woman Crush Wednesday’s Mystery Reveal will be held in March, but while we’re waiting, the Mystery Reveal for our Man Crush Monday will be next week, so stay tuned!

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