Former MBLAQ Member Thunder Joins Mystic Entertainment’s Music Label APOP

Former MBLAQ member Thunder has joined Mystic Entertainment‘s music label, APOP.

APOP announced the news on February 11, stating, “Thunder is a star with numerous talents. We are planning on supporting him not only in music, but in acting and variety shows, among others. Especially in terms of acting, Mystic Entertainment’s actor agency Family Actors will be actively supporting him.”

APOP is a music label under Mystic Entertainment, led by producer Cho Young Chul. It is also home to artists like Gain of Brown Eyed Girls and Jo Hyung Woo, as well as composer Lee Min Soo and lyricist Kim Eana.

APOP further explained Thunder and the agency’s relationship in their statement. “Producer Cho Young Chul has known him since before his debut. Thunder was a trainee at Loen Entertainment, and he even featured in IU‘s ‘Merry Early Christmas‘ from her third album, which was produced by Producer Cho.”

Thunder debuted in 2009 as part of the boy group MBLAQ. He left the group in December of 2014 to pursue solo activities.

Mystic Entertainment is a multi-entertainment company consisting of Yoon Jong Shin‘s label MYSTIC89, APOP, and actor agency Family Actors.