The latest episode of MBC’s “Shine or Go Crazy” featured a medicinal herb kiss between Wang So (Jang Hyuk) and Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo).

Wang So encounters an assassin and is determined to capture him. While looking for Wang Wook (Lim Joo Hwan), Shin Yool coincidentally witnesses the fight between Wang So and the assassins. Upon seeing Shin Yool, Wang So grabs her hand and they run away together.

An attack against Shin Yool is inevitable; Wang So tries to save Shin Yool and both of them fall off a cliff and lose consciousness.

Shin Yool regains consciousness first and is moved to tears because of Wang So’s effort to protect her. Feeling deeply apologetic, she chews a medicinal herb (rhododendron leaves) and transfers it to Wang So’s mouth as he is still unconscious.

Apparently, the medicinal herb is a great cure for healthy people, but it can have poisonous effects on sick people.  Unfortunately, Shin Yool is quite sick so she collapses next to Wang So after giving him the medicine.


Meanwhile, the medicinal herb kiss contributed to “Shine or Go Crazy” receiving 11 percent ratings, the highest for the drama so far.

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