AOA’s Seolhyun Shares About Her Relationship with Lee Min Ho on

AOA’s Seolhyun shares that she and Lee Min Ho became close while filming “Gangnam 1970.”

Seolhyun appears as a guest on the upcoming episode of talk show “Happy Together.” On the show, she shares the friendly relationship she had with Lee Min Ho while they filmed the movie “Gangnam 1970” together. “I was really close with Min Ho oppa during filming. He looked after me well. There was even a time when he brought over a mosquito net and we waited underneath it together.”

However, she goes on to share her disappointment on how their relationship changed after the movie finished filming, saying “When we met again for the first time in a while, to do press for the film, it was slightly awkward and uncomfortable between us.

Seolhyun also talks about her love for food and how difficult it is to maintain her great figure. She says, “I love to eat so much that it was hard to diet. Especially during my training days, I almost gave up being in a girl group because dieting [was so hard].” She even loves watching others eat and watches “eating broadcasts” often. A video clip of her watching such broadcasts is shown.

This episode of “Happy Together” will air on February 12.


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