2PM’s Taecyeon Generously Cooks and Cleans for “Roommate”

As he did on “Three Meals a Day,” 2PM’s Taecyeon cooks and works hard during his guest stint on “Roommate.” Though he may grumble, Taecyeon makes sure to finish the work before him and shows his kind nature.

On the February 10 episode of “Roommate,” Taecyeon is a surprise guest after receiving GOT7’s Jackson’s invitation. Jackson is responsible for making breakfast for his roommates, so he asks Taecyeon to come help him. Taecyeon has experience cooking due to his appearance on “Three Meals a Day.”

Taecyeon arrives in the morning and wakes up Lee Gook Joo, who was sleeping in the living room after a night of drinking. Lee Gook Joo is surprised to see Taecyeon and in her flustered state welcomes him with a hoarse voice.

taecyeon lee gook joo roommate

He then starts cooking breakfast, deciding on a simple menu of French toast and scrambled eggs. However Lee Gook Joo asks him to make kimchi stew as well. He says, “I guess I can cook that …” and ends up cooking kimchi stew too.

After breakfast, Taecyeon’s JYP senior labelmate Park Joon Hyung, who likes Taecyeon’s cooking, asks Taecyeon to make kimchi stir-fry. So after cooking everyone breakfast, Taecyeon is left in the kitchen alone, making kimchi stir-fry and a fried egg dish for the roommates to eat later on.

KARA’s Youngji, a fan of Taecyeon, comes in to watch Taecyeon cook and asks, “Do you enjoy cooking?” He answers, “I don’t like cooking. I don’t cook at home and I don’t expect to cook in a lot in the future.” However, he does share that “I made tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) for the 2PM members once.” Youngji doesn’t hesitate to ask, “Then next time, make tteokbokki for us.”

taecyeon roommate 2

After he finishes cooking, he hangs out with his friend Sunny from Girls’ Generation in the living room. She says to him, “Are you all done? You really did a great job.” But when Taecyeon mentions the house is messy, Sunny replies, “Then clean up and go.” Unsurprisingly, Taecyeon ends up cleaning up the house as well.

taecyeon roommate 3

While he grumbles as he works, similar to his “Three Meals a Day” hyung Lee Seo Jin, Taecyeon turns out to be a kind man who can’t turn down others’ requests.

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