Berry Good’s Seoyool Wants to Be Like the Jung Sisters with Sister AOA’s Yuna

In a recent interview, Berry Good’s Seoyool opened up about her close relationship with her older sister Yuna who is a member of girl group AOA.

Seoyool commented, “Yuna is not just my older sister but my sunbae who became a singer before me. [She] advised me to speak confidently and be proactive despite being a rookie.”

She continued, “She specifically emphasized greeting [etiquette], and said that [having good] character and good manners are the most important things.”

The Busan-bred sisters are five years apart and are very close despite Yuna leaving for Seoul to be a trainee when she was in middle school. Seoyool revealed, “My iPad is chock full of pictures of Yuna unni. I am [her] biggest fan.”

Member Taeha chimed in, “Seoyool really likes Yuna sunbae. She has Yuna fever.”

Seoyool said, “I want [me and Yuna] to be an exemplary celebrity sister pair like sunbaes Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal.

Taeha added, “I hope that Yuna sunbae and Seoyool can become the ‘second Jessica-Krystal sisters.’’’

Meanwhile, Berry Good recently made a comeback with new single “Because of You,” which is composer Joo Tae Young’s (Fin.K.L’s “Forever Love,” So Chan Whee’s “Tears”) first song in 14 years after overcoming blood cancer.