Do You Know Your Llama? An Amber Appreciation Post

How many of you rejoiced when you heard that Amber of f(x) was going to get a solo debut? And how many are currently counting down the hours? It’s been a long time coming and in celebration of this happy event, let’s take a moment to appreciate Amber and remind ourselves why she is so awesome.

1. Amber’s doppelganger is a llama and she admits that she sees no difference.

amber 1

they love me2

2. Did you know there is a song dedicated to her llama-ness?


3. Her alter-ego is the Charmander and she makes it hard to catch’em all.

amber charmander

@ywywmlt failing as a newbie pokemon trainer. Dont mess with the charmander!! (Thanks @taebaragi ) A video posted by amber j. liu (@ajol_llama) on

4. She makes an awesome Amber Sandwich.

인맥1 pokemon power

5. And she keeps her promises.

Read more about it here.

6. She’s also not afraid to indulge and suffer the delicious consequence.

Amber milk tea

7. And her happy energy is infectious and everyone wants to be around her.

8. Because in her own words, “I’m happy to be myself.”

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