Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Hints at Upcoming Comeback

Tiffany from Girls’ Generation hints at an upcoming comeback through a picture she shared on her Instagram on February 12.

The picture shows Tiffany wearing headphones in a recording studio. She is focusing intently on  a sheet of music on a stand. The music is covered by a cute toast/bread image. Holding a purple writing utensil, she appears to be preparing diligently. She added, “sooooon !!!” to her post.


Fans have responded to this picture with extreme interest and anticipation. They are especially curious because of the image covering the music. Many are wondering what kind of music she will be coming back with. Some comments include “Tiffany keeps getting prettier and prettier,” “Is Girls’ Generation making a comeback?” and “Seeing Tiffany recording makes me excited!”

Meanwhile, Tiffany last released an album with Taeyeon and Seohyun through their sub-unit TaeTiSeo in September 2014.