Shoo's Twins Cause All Kinds of Trouble for

Shoo’s identical twins Lim Ra Hee and Lim Ra Yool look like carbon copies of each other, so much so that Shoo has confessed that she even has trouble telling them apart sometimes.

Their identical looks have caused all kinds of trouble for the production team of the show “Oh My Baby,” which Shoo and her girls recently joined.

For example, a cameraman followed Lim Ra Yool around thinking she is Lim Ra Hee until Shoo called out to her, “Ra Yool~” The cameraman then went to the PD and complained, “You said she was without a doubt Ra Hee. Are you sure because the mother [Shoo] called her Ra Yool.” Reportedly, these types of instances occur regularly on set, to the point that the staff members have started referring to the twins not by their names but “left” and “right.”

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The greatest struggle, however, has been in the editing room. While editing, the production team confuses the twins often and have to directly send Shoo a photo and ask her to distinguish them. This has caused editing for Shoo’s family to take two to three times as long as the other families on “Oh My Baby.”

A staff member from the editing team commented, “On the set, since the mother identifies them to a certain extent, you can figure it out. However, when you’re looking at the twins on the editing monitor, you feel [really hopeless]. It is hard to know who is who whenever the camera angle changes.”

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