Lee Gook Joo To Appear as Special MC in “Match Made in Heaven Returns” Premiere

It has been revealed that Lee Gook Joo has taken part in upcoming variety show “Match Made in Heaven Returns” as a special MC.

According to the show’s production team, Lee Gook Joo joined the show for the filming of its first episode, working alongside MCs Lee Hui Jae and Leeteuk as a guest MC. During the filming, she reportedly volunteered to take part in a “skinship game” with the show’s male contestants, showed off her sexy dance, and even drew cheers from the cast for her on-the-spot creation of a special game.

A remake of 2002’s “Kang Ho Dong’s Match Made in Heaven,” “Match Made in Heaven Returns” is a matchmaking variety show that features SHINee’s Taemin, Henry, Takuya, Jun Hyo Sung, and seven other all-star cast members. It is scheduled to premiere February 24 at 6 p.m. on MBC Every1.