Shinhwa Shares their Secret to Staying Together for 17 Years

Shinhwa is approaching their 17th anniversary as a group and will soon be releasing their 12th album. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about staying together.

Star and style magazine @star1 sat down with the band and picked the members’ brains on what they think is the secret to their longevity.

Eric commented, “Everything just worked out well. You alone can’t guarantee your success. Rather, good outcomes come when the [right] places and [right] times align.”

Dongwan said he thinks the secret is their “family-like camaraderie.” He elaborated, “Whenever something happens to one of the members, we don’t think of it as just that member’s problem; we consider it everyone’s problem.”

Hyesung chimed in, “I think we are able to last long because all of us aren’t really the types to hide things.” He added, “I think our leader played a big role too,” expressing his appreciation and respect for the band’s leader, Eric.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will officially make their comeback with the release of their 12th album “We” on February 26.

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