Goo Hye Sun and Co-Star Jung Hye Sung Turn Heads at “Blood” Conference?

Goo Hye Sun turned heads when she appeared at the production conference for her upcoming drama, Blood,” but perhaps not for the right reasons. The actress wore a tight-fitting printed dress over what looked to be another dress, or perhaps a button-down shirt worn underneath a sweater. Although Goo Hye Sun’s beauty was as apparent as always, netizens questioned why she (or her stylist) had chosen such a complicated and ill-fitting outfit. The nude platform pumps also seemed like an unusual accompaniment for the brightly colored ensemble.

We should note that Goo Hye Sun has always been known for her quirky and fiercely independent style – wearing pantsuits and tuxedos where other actresses wear minidresses, or sporting bowler hats or boy cuts instead of long, flowing tresses. While she can really pull out all the stops on the red carpet when she has to, she’s made it pretty clear that she favors individuality and comfort over traditional sexy glamor. We actually love this about her – not every actress has to be a fashionista! So while we agree that her dress-over-shirt was confusing, and that the fit could have been better, we still appreciate that she manages to display her creative personality known through her clothing choices. Along with being an actress, Goo Hye Sun is also an artist, director, and novelist. She’s not a runway model. In some sense, this mish-mash, colorful style suits her well.
goo-hye-sun-blood-3 blood-press-conference
Also turning heads during the same press conference was costar Jung Hye Sung. The rising actress wore an ivory minidress with a revealing keyhole cutout.

jeong-hye-seon blood-2

Soompiers, what did you think of Goo Hye Sun’s and Jung Hye Sung’s choice of outfit? How about their male costars Ahn Jae Hyun and Ji Jin Hee?