14 Super Sexy Photos of 2PM's Chansung

When people hear the words “K-pop” and “chocolate abs” in the same sentence, many of their thoughts automatically turn to the deliciously sexy members of 2PM. While there is no doubt that every single member of the group has fantastic bodies and are famous for their builds, it’s undeniable that one of the most athletic and physically fit members is Chansung. Don’t believe me? Click ahead to see “14 Super Sexy Photos of 2PM’s Chansung.”


#1- Fans everywhere can agree that the times the 2PM members appeared in Men’s Health magazine were some of the hottest ones ever! Chansung definitely holds his own against his super-fit members by showing off his lean frame and defined abs.


#2- In my opinion, this is one of the most outrageously sexy photos of Chansung! Why? Because those big, tanned arms flexing and the hint of abs showing is enough to give anyone a heart attack.


#3- Although Chansung has a fantastic body, his trainer has stated that it doesn’t come easily but as a result of hard work and dedication. It was once reported that he often works out twice a day.


#4- Chansung teases fans by showing off his defined abdominal muscles and slim, sexy neck in this pictorial.  When you realize how gorgeous his fellow members are as well, it’s no wonder their fans are called “Hottest.”


#5- In addition to his gorgeous abs, defined chest and sexy arms, Chansung also has an irresistibly handsome face! We are just thankful we get the chance to see it so often.


#6- Chansung is really athletic and enjoys sports, being a trained martial artist after achieving high levels in Taekwondo and Kumdo. He has also appeared on numerous variety sports shows like “Running Man” and “Idol Sports Champs.”


#7- Even in the days before Chansung became extremely dedicated to fitness, he was still supremely sexy! Here though, he shows just how sexy he has become as he channels his inner boxer for a magazine pictorial.


#8- Once upon a time, Chansung was a really pretty flower-boy with long hair. Nowadays though, he is a tanned, strong, gorgeous and fiercely sexy man. This is one transformation about which I have no complaints!


#9- The members of 2PM have had a huge influence of the modern popularity of strong, fit K-pop idols. Whereas slender, pretty boys were always popular and accepted, it seems like nowadays an idol is hardly an idol without a set of chocolate abs.


#10- Did you know Chansung has become such a fan of fitness that he opened his own fitness center and gym? If I were guaranteed to see the owner every day, this is one gym I would go to without fail!


#11- I first became a fan of Chansung after seeing his funny personality of Idol Army.” Ever since those days so long ago, I have had a huge crush on this gorgeous guy with the sexy, smoldering stare.


#12- Chansung, you big tease, you! Striking this irresistibly sexy pose, it’s like he is trying to give every fan in the world a giant heart attack,


#13- Whether you love super buff guys like Taecyeon or lean, athletic guys like Chansung, there is no doubt that 2PM has plenty of sexy eye-candy from which to choose. The only problem lies in deciding which one you should look at first!

#14- Anyone with eyes knows that the 2PM members are all gorgeous and hot! Although I have a severe weakness for every single one of them, I must admit to a certain bias for Chansung. Although I’m his noona by several years, I can’t help loving this sexy maknae.


BONUS: As a gift for Valentine’s Day, I give you a few more pictures of the always tempting Chansung.



Which of these pictures of Chansung is your favorite? Is this sexy (yet adorable) maknae your bias in the group? Or does another member hold your heart? Let us know in the comment section below!

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