Oh Yeon Seo Gifts “Shine or Go Crazy” Staff with Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

Oh Yeon Seo showed her kind heart by giving out chocolates to the “Shine or Go Crazy” staff for Valentine’s Day.

On February 13, the lead actress personally prepared and handed out chocolates to the production crew resulting in a friendly atmosphere on set.

Despite being incredibly busy with filming, she packed the gifts herself and made sure the staff received them. The staff appreciated her warm hearted gesture all the more because of the cold weather.

“Shine or Go Crazy” is a historical romance drama that tells the love story between an imperial prince who is believed to be cursed and a princess who is abandoned from the court. The drama also stars Jang Hyuk, Lim Joo Hwan, and Honey Lee.

Meanwhile, you can watch “Shine or Go Crazy” every Monday and Tuesday.

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