Kim So Eun Tells Song Jae Rim Relationship Rumor Is Not True in

Kim So Eun explains to Song Jae Rim that the rumor of her being in a relationship with actor Son Ho Joon is not true.

On February 14 episode of “We Got Married,” Kim So Eun apologizes to Song Jae Rim  and explains what happened on the day that pictures of her and Son Ho Joon were taken. She says, “The scandal is not true. I got to know Son Ho Joon at a public event and became friends with many other people. It really isn’t true. Trust me,” and emphasizes that she is not in a relationship with Son Ho Joon.

After listening to her, Song Jae Rim replies, “When a rumor that starts from a fragmentary knowledge is repeatedly said, it becomes true [to people]. That’s why words are so dangerous.”

Kim So Eun then says, “If it was true, I would say it is, why would I lie about it. You know how honest I am,” and Song Jae Rim cheers her up saying, “You don’t have to feel sorry and make an apology to me. Don’t feel so burdened. There is no need for you to have a hard time because of this.”


During the behind-the-scene interview, Kim So Eun brings up the rumor saying, “On that day [Son Ho Joon and I] had dinner and went to a friend’s house together. That’s all it is,” and explains that Son Ho Joon treats her like a little sister.


Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim also confesses how he feels about the rumor in behind-the-scene interview saying, “I was worried about So Eun. She seemed really down. The person who will have a harder time because of [the rumor] is her, not me. And I felt really bad for her.” He also adds, “I trust So Eun and she claims [the rumor] isn’t true. I’m the only person who can take her side.”


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