Shoo: “I’m Worried I’ll Scare Away Fans from My S.E.S Days”

Shoo, S.E.S member and mother of three, shared her thoughts on her first episode of “Oh! My Baby,” which aired on February 14.

She says, “Starting with my eldest Yoo, I’m already into my sixth year of raising children. But I still haven’t adapted to looking after both Ra Hee and Ra Yool at the same time. Twins are really difficult. As soon as you think you’re getting the hang of it, you run into another wall. If I get to sleep three hours a day, that’s a lot. But I think childrearing has now become my lifestyle.” ra hee ra yool

Despite it being her first episode, Shoo is too busy taking care of her girls to really mind the camera. According to the show’s casting PD Bae Sung Woo, “We were worried that since she’s not used to being on a reality program, [Shoo] might get really nervous, but throughout the filming there wasn’t an ounce of nerves to be seen.”

Shoo says, “Since looking after Ra Yool and Ra Hee is my daily routine, I didn’t really think of it as filming. Actually I’m more worried that because what aired is so realistic, I’m going to scare away fans from my S.E.S days.”

Meanwhile, you can now catch Shoo, Ra Hee, and Ra Yool every Saturday on “Oh! My Baby.”