Yura Gifts Hong Jong Hyun with New

On the February 14 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” Yura gifts Hong Jong Hyun with a new couple ring.

Yura, who had prepared an event for her virtual hubby, says, “Since it’s Valentine’s Day and [your] birthday, I prepared chocolates and an RC car.”

Yura prepares two chocolates for Hong Jong Hyun, each neatly wrapped in a box. She gives the first to him, telling him to chew it, but for the second one, she says, “[You don’t want to] chew this. Melt it and eat it.”

Hong Jong Hyun acts like he swallowed the chocolates, to which Yura laughs and responds, “Don’t fool around.” She makes him spit out what is left in his mouth, which is—lo and behold—a new couple ring!

Earlier when Yura had lost her couple ring, Hong Jong Hyun joked, “This is not a couple ring anymore,” throwing his on the table. The two had since worn mismatching rings.

Yura declares, “These are [our] new handcuffs.”

we got married

Hong Jong Hyun says, “I was sorry. I didn’t really mean that this wasn’t a couple ring anymore. I was joking but [Yura] prepared [a new ring]. I felt sorry, but more than that, [I was] grateful.”

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