BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON All Reported to Return in First Half of the Year

According to an exclusive report by TV Report, all the male idol groups under YG EntertainmentBIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON—will be returning to the stage within the first half of the year.

On February 15, CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “BIGBANG’s comeback has been hinted for April. For now, it’s been planned for April. However, if anything, it will be pulled earlier, but it will not be pushed back anymore. Following BIGBANG, their juniors are waiting. I think all three teams will each come out one month apart. You can think of it as the oldest brother coming out first.”

As the YG Entertainment CEO has stated, all of the agency’s boy groups are gearing up to make a comeback before the second half of the year begins. Starting with BIGBANG, WINNER will be releasing a new album, followed by the highly-anticipated debut of iKON.

Yang Hyun Suk continued to explain, “The producing team and the members are giving up their Lunar New Year holiday to prepare the album. BIGBANG, iKON, and WINNER are all voluntarily staying in the recording studio. They’re working [on their albums] non-stop because they don’t want their flow to be cut off. They have already done a lot of work until now so a comeback in the first half of the year is very possible.”

When asked why BIGBANG is first in the comeback lineup, the CEO answered, “BIGBANG has not released a new album for the past three years. BIGBANG fans have waited the longest. I feel the most sorry to the fans for that. They’re currently in the middle of creating [the new album], but when I hear BIGBANG’s music, I get excited. Like meeting someone after a long time, BIGBANG’s music gives off that kind of feel. Songs that can combine BIGBANG’s distinct energy and charm will be included in the album. The songs change depending on who sings it. I came to learn that the artist may be more important than the song through BIGBANG.”

Finally, Yang Hyun Suk provided an update on the BIGBANG members’ recent whereabouts: “Once again, leader G-Dragon is taking part in at least half of BIGBANG’s album. The members are all discussing and currently working [on the album]. They are all living at the recording studio every single day.”

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