“Inkigayo” and “Oh! My Baby” Among Other SBS Shows Cancelled This Week for Lunar New Year

SBS‘ TV programs “Inkigayo” and “Oh! My Baby” will be cancelled this week due to special Lunar New Year programming, along with other shows.

A representative from SBS told the media on February 16 that certain TV shows will be cancelled during the Lunar New Year holidays.

According to the announcement, “Roommate 2” will have a Lunar New Year special aired on February 17, and it will consist of a “Some Guy Some Girl” special part one. The part two of the special will air on February 18, in place of “Eco House,” which will be cancelled for the week.

Saturday programming “Oh! My Baby” will be cancelled for the pilot episode of “Prodigy Finder,” and “Star King” will also be taking a break this week.

“Inkigayo,” SBS’ weekly music show, will also be cancelled for a re-airing of the part two of “Take Care of My Dad.”