FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Clears Up Rumors about Preparing a Solo Album

FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki recently cleared up rumors surrounding a possible solo album release in the near future to fans.

On February 16, Hong Ki posted a message on his personal Twitter account that reads: “It seems that all of this confusion came about due to talks of a solo album…It’s not confirmed yet, but even if it was, I will do it so that no harm goes to FTISLAND. If anything, I’ll do it in a way that benefits [the group]. Don’t worry!!”

Along with these words, he uploaded a photo of his wrist with ‘FTISLAND’ written in black ink.

It appears that as rumors of Hong Ki’s solo album rumors began to spread, many fans were put into a state of chaos, which resulted in the FTISLAND member himself stepping forward to personally clear up any of the fans’ misunderstanding.