New “Kill Me, Heal Me” Teaser Images Show Ji Sung Looking After Hwang Jung Eum

The new teaser images for the upcoming episode of the popular MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” forecasted a touching moment in the hospital for its two leads, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum.

The viewers’ attention is now on why Hwang Jung Eum ended up in the hospital.  In the photos, Ji Sung can be seen looking after Hwang Jung Eum in the hospital as she lies unconscious. In a couple of the images, Ji Sung has Hwang Jung Eum’s hands in his own, as he looks desperate to do anything for her to get better.

The production team of the drama told the media, “the ‘healing romance’ between the two characters will become more dynamic as the drama nears its end,” adding, “please keep on watching to find out how the two will get over obstacles to fulfill their love.”

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