It was Valentine’s Day when the most recent episode of “We Got Married” aired. This week’s episode was full of happiness and laughter, but also a little bit of emotion and honesty. Our couples had a lot of fun with each other, but there were also some controversial topics brought up within the episode. There was a lot of honest conversations, which is definitely necessary in any kind of relationship. Here are some of my favorite moments from this week’s episode.

1) JJongAh’s Playful Interrogation and Confession

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Our lovely JJongAh couple has had a pretty rough time after Hong Jong Hyun was caught up in a dating scandal with After School’s Nana. As Hong Jong Hyun entered the house, things were pretty awkward and kind of uncomfortable. There was no anger or severe tension, the conversation about the issue just happened naturally and it was a light-hearted conversation. Yura playfully asked him questions about the situation, with a smile on her face. I think it was something that needed to be discussed so that it wouldn’t be awkward for them.

Jong Hyun explained that they are just good friends so they have eaten together and met up for coffee or tea. He mentioned that they have other mutual friends too, but that they are simply and only friends. She teased him about it and joked about how she would punish him and even brought what looked like a remote and gently hit him on his hands with the antenna. Yura even joked using Nana’s name saying, “I don’t even want to eat baNANAs right now.”

Although Jong Hyun didn’t show it, I think he was really worried about how Yura was doing because he said, “You must’ve been hassled because of me.” He asked her if a lot of people called her about it and asked if she lost weight.

Yura’s positive and bright attitude and personality definitely made the situation less tense. But Yura was very understanding about everything and even asked him if it was tough for him. Yura was definitely concerned about her husband’s feelings and well-being. In his interview, Jong Hyun stated that he felt bad because although the scandal was a hot topic for a short amount of time, he was worried that she might still suffer for the time being. He said that he doesn’t want her to worry about something like this again. I think both Yura and Jong Hyun worried about each other and both felt a lot better after their heart to heart conversation.

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2) Bubbles, Masks, Swabs, and Snacks

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In the same tub they made kimchi in, Hong Jin Young prepared a warm bubble jacuzzi for Namgoong Min. But Jin Young had a burn on her foot so she couldn’t go in. Min sat in the tub with all of his regular clothes on (which I thought was really funny) and Jin Young brought all of these cute rubber duckies and threw them into the water.

Min wanted his wife to come in too, and Jin Young wanted to join him, so she ended up just putting in one foot. Min held her foot and said that he wanted to wash her feet. I think she might be a little embarrassed of her feet because she said that they are kind of plump and big and kids used to make fun of her.

She prepared this face mask for him because he said earlier that his face was cracking. And while they were enjoying their bubble jacuzzi, they were so lovey dovey that the studio audience just cringed each time. It was a full service. She got him water and even put honey on his lips to keep them moisturized. Later on, after their jacuzzi time, they got comfy and cozy in their pajamas.

I think Min really wanted to take care of his wife and her physical well-being so he persistently told her that he wanted to clean her ears. He even prepared a special swab that looked like a dandelion so that he could pick thoroughly and blow it away. But after several attempts to avoid it, Jin Young finally gave in and they ended up cleaning each other’s ears. This was so natural and it felt like something a newlywed couple would really do for each other. It’s more about feeling comfortable enough to let your spouse see your ear wax. Although this might be kind of weird in other cultures, this really shows how close they are and also how caring they are towards each other. One thing I love about this couple is that they eat so well together. They eat well and they eat a LOT. They ended up ordering pig feet (jokbal), pizza, spicy rice cake, and some other food. It was just like an eating marathon!

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3) The Truth Is Out

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It was a pretty difficult week for Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim and also their fans as another dating scandal came out in the news. So Eun was caught up in a dating scandal with all around nice guy Son Ho Joon, who has become really popular in the last year.

Our SoRim couple met up after the scandal went public. This was the only part they showed for this couple. They asked each other if they could see their skin, implying that both of them were not really in their best condition. They were laughing and joking around, but something felt very awkward with the two.

When asked if she was okay, So Eun said that she was fine and seemed to be more worried about how her husband was doing. Jae Rim told her “You became ground powder,” probably referring to all the responses to the scandal. When he asked if lot of people called her, So Eun said her phone ran out of battery twice, even though she just left it there.

Although they were cracking jokes and laughing, you could tell both were on this emotional roller coaster. At one point, she just said, “It’s not like that. It’s not true.” She said in her interview that she didn’t even know where to begin and that she just felt bad and embarrassed. She said that the biggest thing for her was that her husband was on the news and swept up into the scandal because of her. Without even really asking about the guy or the scandal first, Jae Rim asked So Eun about her mom and her condition, which I thought was so sweet and kind. She explained her mom’s hospital situation and how lot of people came to visit. Jae Rim said that she should’ve told him so that he could go and visit her, but So Eun said she wanted to, but knew how busy he was with his drama so she didn’t bring it up.

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So Eun explained that she became close with Son Ho Joon and Yoo Yeon Seok at an event and became better friends with them because they are all actors and could share their struggles with each other. She said they were nice and they treated her like a younger sister. So Eun took the time to explain the entire situation to her husband and the real context of the pictures taken. She firmly and confidently told him that they were not dating and it wasn’t true.

Jae Rim said that when stories keep coming out like that, it could become a reality and that words are scary. But So Eun kept telling him that it wasn’t true, but if it were true, she would tell him. Jae Rim knew that the person who was suffering the most throughout all of this was So Eun, so he was really worried about her. In the end, he trusted her and believed her. What Jae Rim said afterwards in response to So Eun shocked me. Here it is word for word.

“There’s no reason for you to feel sorry towards me. You don’t need to apologize to me, so you don’t need to feel that burden. There’s no reason for you to suffer (because of me).”

js5 js7 js8

This week’s episode was very interesting to me. There were two couples that had to deal with news of a scandal. I honestly didn’t think that they would actually address it. I feel like we saw a very different side of this happy show because we were able to see the couples communicate and express their feelings of an obstacle in their “We Got Married” relationship. Besides showing all the cute and lovely moments, they actually showed the audience the honest communication and consideration these couples have for one another. They were issues that needed to be addressed not only for themselves, but also for their fans and viewers, and I think both couples did it with sincerity and consideration for one another.

What did you think about our couples and some of their heart to hearts this week? Comment below and share your thoughts or favorite moments from the episode!

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