HyunA Takes Less Than 10 Minutes to Deliver on Set for 4Minute’s Pictorial with CéCi

Five-member group 4Minute (Jiyoon, Gayoon, Sohyun, HyunA, Jihyun) continues to drive fans “Crazy” with their comeback, this time in a racy pictorial with CéCi magazine.

Despite being the self-professed slowpoke of the group when it comes to learning choreography and the first one up for solo shots, HyunA was a natural in front of the camera during her solo shots, so flawlessly embodying the sexy and charismatic concept of the spread that she finished her shoot in less than ten minutes.

In the group shot, the ladies of 4Minute can be seen lounging on a luxurious couch, showing off their long legs in their heels.


Meanwhile, 4Minute recently made a comeback with full charismatic force with mini album “Crazy,” titled by the trap hip hop song of the same name. You can catch the full spread in CéCi’s March issue.