Video: Amber Shakes That Brass With Her BFFs on ASC!

It’s not often that you get to appear on TV with your BFFs, but Amber was given the opportunity on this week’s “After School Club!” After seeing her star-filled “Shake That Brass” MV, it should come as no surprise that Amber is quite the social butterfly – she has so many celebrity friends that I can’t keep up with them all. Two of her best friends happen to be ASC MCs Eric Nam and Kevin and lucky for us Eric invited Amber to appear on the show way back when she first announced that she was going solo.

The episode is full of Amber sharing her story and the shenanigans of the friend trio – dynamics that made the episode a super easy and hilarious watch. Check out our highlights for episode 145 and then scroll to the bottom to watch it all!

1. Amber makes Kevin and Eric answer for their crime…

asc-145-amber-threats-threats asc-145-kevin-eric-nam-please-forgive … of not appearing in her “Shake That Brass” music video. Do not mess with Amber!

2. Eric and Amber have a Pokemon battle.

asc-145-amber-charizard-maybe asc-145-eric-nam-pikachu-chu-chuuu The catch? They are the Pokemon. I am still unsure who the winner was…

3. Amber’s #SelfieASC pose that she regretted immediately.

asc-145-amber-posing-and-posing In her own words: “it’s so inappropriate.” Eric and Kevin decided to troll her by saying she had to keep the pose for the rest of the show. She believed them. Such good friends!

4. The debut of the “baby version” of Amber and Eric’s duet “Just Wanna!”

asc-145-amber-baby-face-fail asc-145-eric-nam-baby-face-noooo

The above screencaps are the most likely reason why it is (and shall probably forever remain) “unreleased.”

5. Kevin finally reveals how he feels about Eric’s dancing.

asc-145-mushy-ew asc-145-eric-dances-kevin-pukes Apparently Eric + girl group dances = puking to Kevin. And to think – Eric dances to girl group songs almost every episodes of ASC! Poor Kevin!!

Catch all the BFF-ery now:

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