VIXX’s N Reveals He Has Serenaded His Girlfriend in the Past

VIXX’s N recently revealed what song he has previously serenaded his girlfriend with in the past.

During a recording for MBCEvery1’s “Shin Dong Yup’s Bachelor Party,” girl group Bestie made an appearance as special guests to discuss the topic of “morning calls” along with the other MCs of the show.

As the discussion went on, Hyeyeon of Bestie shared, “It makes my heart flutter when a guy wakes me up with a morning call.” In response, Kangin of Super Junior explained, “I’ve actually sang a morning call to my girlfriend before,” and sang a bit of Han Dong Jun’s “I Love You.”

VIXX’s N then added, “My voice is on the gentle side so I have definitely done [a morning call],” and closed his eyes to sing Sung Si Kyung’s “We Match Quite Well.”

On the other hand, Eunhyuk of Super Junior stated, “I’ve never once sang a morning call,” causing laughter.
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