GOT7’s Jackson Reveals Which Body Part Attracts Him the Most

GOT7’s Jackson shared which body part of the opposite gender attracts him the most.

During recording for the upcoming episode of JTBC’s “Dating Alone,” singer Sung Si Kyung asks Jackson, “Which body part on a woman can you not take your eyes off of?”

Jackson, attempting to evade the question, says, “You know.”

But Sung Si Kyung doesn’t let him off the hook. “‘There is no body part called ‘you know,’” he replies.

Flustered, Jackson cautiously says, “To be honest, I look at the thighs.” Citing Beyoncé, he adds, “I prefer women with big thighs.”

Meanwhile, “Dating Alone” is a virtual dating show where celebrities date other celebrities through video. This episode of “Dating Alone” will air on February 21 at 11 p.m., KST.