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KBS2’s “Superman Returns” continues to enjoy enormous popularity domestically and abroad. According to Nielsen Korea on February 16, the February 15 broadcast of “Superman Returns” recorded a 18.9 percent national viewership rating, continuing its reign as the top program in its timeslot for the 23rd consecutive week.

Since the show premiered in November 2013, several father-child pairs have come and gone, including singer Kim Hyun Woo and sons Joo Ha and Dong Ha, actor Jang Hyun Sung and sons Joon Woo and Joon Seo,  actor Kim Jung Tae and son Ji Hoo, and rapper Tablo and his daughter Haru.

Wondering how they’re doing now?

Kim Hyun Woo, who was on the pilot series of “Superman Returns” with his sons Joo Ha and Dong Ha, updated viewers on how his boys are doing through “One Night of TV Entertainment” in November of last year.

Lee Hyun Woo said, “They’re cute and loveable, 20,000 times more than I imagined.”

joo ha dong ha

In the footage, Lee Hyun Woo can be seen playing around at home with Joo Ha and Dong Ha and getting nose kisses from them.

Jang Hyun Sung and his two boys were also part of the pilot programming for “Superman Returns” but stayed on once the show secured a regular timeslot. The Jang family said their goodbyes after ten months on the show, citing the boys’ need to focus on school and Jang Hyun Sung’s desire to focus on acting.

Earlier this month in an interview with a media outlet, Jang Hyun Sung said, “My children are doing well. Maybe it’s inevitable that [Joon Woo and Joon Seo] will be known as actor Jang Hyun Sung’s sons, but I want to avoid programs now that make that [my sons’] titles.”

Kim Jung Tae and his son Ji Hoo joined the show in June last year. Also known as “Yakkung,” Ji Hoo captivated the hearts of viewers with his adorable looks and quirky charms, but the pair voluntarily left the program in just six weeks due to a political controversy.

Recently, on an online community forum, several photos of Ji Hoo were posted, including one with his younger brother Si Hyun, nicknamed “Yarong.” Ji Hoo still has his adorable, squeezable round cheeks and sports a mushroom haircut, while Si Hyun has clearly grown significantly since they were on the show.

Kim Jung Tae

Father and daughter pair Tablo and Haru, who were with the show since its first episode as a regular program, made their farewells to viewers after about a year and two months due to Tablo’s musical activities.

Superman Returns

But thankfully, Tablo and Haru haven’t been strangers, with Tablo regularly updating fans with pictures of his daughter on Instagram. Most recently, he uploaded a sweet photo of a bundled up Haru with the caption “Happy New Year,” in honor of the Lunar New Year. In the short time since they left the show, Haru has clearly grown a lot. In a February 13 post, Haru can be seen whipping her much longer hair back and forth in front of the mirror, which Tablo captions, “She’s got the feel.”

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