VIXX Releases Teaser for “Love Equation”

VIXX will be making their comeback next week with their remake mini album “Boys’ Record” and have released their music video teaser for “Love Equation.” The original song “Farewell Formula” was released 20 years ago in 1995 by 90′s dance group R.ef.

The description of the teaser said “VIXX’s remake of ‘Love Equation’ contains R.ef’s original wonderful melody and carries the exiting points. On top of this, the song has been reinterpreted into VIXX’s unique color and was arranged into the current trendy style. The rebirth of VIXX’s ‘Love Equation’ music video was directed by ‘Lumpens’, who is famous for his polished sentimental interpretation.”

It continued on to say, “through the music video which portrays the image of ‘youth’ moving forward to the future and the story of VIXX’s six members who overcome their breakup, you can see VIXX’s unique sentimental story and picture never seen before and also hope that you can have the opportunity to meditate the meaning of ‘youth’.”

“Boys’ Record” will be released on February 24 and will include remakes of other classic hit songs.

Do you like VIXX’s cute side, or do you prefer their stronger masculine side as seen through “Eternity” and “Error” last year?