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For Lunar New Year, MBC aired a documentary for show “Infinity Challenge,” in which behind-the-scene interviews and clips of members and guests of “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” were revealed.

In the special documentary, the members share their honest thoughts on Noh Hong Chul‘s DUI incident, and how it lead “Infinity Challenge” to edit out the member’s parts of the show. When the incident happened, all members and staff of “Infinity Challenge” panicked, as the show had to continue with only five members for the first time in ten years. Moreover, the show had been already facing challenges as the staff were having a hard time casting 90s singers to appear on the special. Although the five members seemed unaffected by the incident and smiled in front of cameras for “Infinity Challenge,” the documentary reveals the stress and troubled looks of the members.

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However, after Noh Hong Chul’s accident, many 90s singers oddly consented to appear on “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” special. Haha shares what had happened during the time saying, “I think god made it happen somehow. There was a time when we had to edit out chunks of filming [because of Noh Hong Chul’s incident] but amazingly enough, there were new people to fill in for edited parts, and the show took a different direction after that.”

Yoo Jae Suk also shares, “I thought ‘life is so peculiar.’ Kim Jong Kook‘s part of the show was really funny, and we were disappointed in having to edit out his part. But later on, Kim Jung Nam and Shoo were cast. Because of Noh Hong Chul’s incident, new people gained chances to appear on the show.” He also talks what “Infinity Challenge” means to the members and many guests of the show saying, “It’s a program that changed my life. I say I would give my life for the show, and I really mean it. There is still new things to do for the show left.”

Meanwhile, many 90s singers who had not appeared on TV for a long time, including Jinusean‘s Jinu, S.E.S‘ Shoo, and Turbo‘s Kim Jung Nam, thanks”Infinity Challenge” for giving them chances to perform on stage once again in a long time.

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