BEAST’s Son Dongwoon Reveals Ambition to Be a Master of Real Estate

BEAST’s Son Dongwoon revealed his ambitious side on JTBC’s “Inside Story Salon.”

Starring as a guest, he mentions, “I have been very interested in real estate these days,” while talking about the topic “Most Envious Fortunes.”

When asked which area he is keeping an eye on, he answers, “Gangnam.” He adds, “I am most keenly watching Gangnam because its prices drop by 20 percent every time it fails in auctions, despite its high costs.” His extensive knowledge in real estate surprises both the panel and viewers.

True to his nickname “Ambitious Idol,” he also marvels the crowd by showing off the long list of finance vocabulary he knows. He even explains the word leverage, which means multiplying one’s profit using another person’s resources.

More about Son Dongwoon and his ambition to become the next big hit in the real estate industry will be airing on February 22, through the 17th episode of JTBC’s “Inside Story Salon.”