Ones to Watch: Upcoming March 2015 K-dramas

Although several of the February dramas will still be going strong for the month of March, there are some new players entering the lineup for March, and we get a little bit of everything: family dramas, murder-abduction mystique, and bickering rivals whose harsh words belie the fact that they (probably) wuve each other.

Here we go with March 2015 K-dramas heading your way!

super daddy yeol

 “Super Daddy Yul
March 13 – Fridays and Saturdays on tVN

In “Super Daddy Yul” Cha Mi Rae (Lee Yu Ri) has received some bad news from her doctors: she only has a year left to live. Her plan is simple: track down her first love Kim Yeol (Lee Dong Gun) and transform him into the father her young daughter deserves, and will need in a year’s time.

The drama seems light-hearted, despite the serious and somber premise of the drama, which makes me think the tone of the drama will be more heartwarming than not, will focus on life and family rather than of sickness and death. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lee Yu Ri in this role, who is fresh from her 2014 Daesang as the most evil villainess who ever walked the face of the earth in “Jang Bo Ri Is Here!” and to take on a character that is so different from Yeon Min Jung. And let’s not forget Lee Dong Gun. The last time I saw him was in 2013’s “Marry Him If You Dare” (also known as “Mirae’s Choice”) which was not my favorite drama, or role for him, to put it mildly. But I think he’ll just be winning in this role, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll come together as a family.

Check out the teaser for “Super Daddy Yeol,” where daughter and step-dad scope each other out with begrudging smiles for the camera.

 queens flower 2

“The Queen’s Flower”
March 14 – Saturdays and Sundays on MBC

Formerly known as “Equator’s Flower,” “The Queen’s Flower” stars Kim Sung Ryeong as Rena Jung, a talented and successful celebrity chef who harbors a hidden secret: she abandoned her daughter, Kang Lee Sol (Lee Sung Kyung) in order to gain success. Lee Jong Hyuk will play Park Min Joon, Rena’s husband, and the two seem to have a picture-perfect life until Kang Lee Sol shows up in front of her mother. Yoon Park will play Min Joon’s younger brother, Park Jae Hoon, who develops romantic feelings for Kang Lee Sol.

I’m curious as to how Lee Sung Kyung will do in her second drama ever, as I thought she was wonderfully winsome in “It’s Okay, That’s Love.” I also think Kim Sung Ryeong will be great in this role, as she has a great ability to be stubborn to a fault without being unlikable, and brings such warmth even to prickly characters.

 If you’re looking for a family drama to help with your feels at the loss of “What’s With This Family?” this weekend drama might be up your alley (I’m not saying that there’s anything remotely related between the two dramas except for the inclusion of Yoon Park, a small, small connection but one nonetheless).

queens flower 1

missing noir m

Missing Noir M
March 28 – Saturdays on OCN

Next on our list is “Missing Noir M” which stars Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon as partners in a specialized missing-persons unit. Kim plays Gil Soo Hyun, a super duper genius who began attending Harvard at the age of ten, eventually graduating from the elite school before putting in a good ten years in the FBI. Upon his return to Korea, he is paired up with Park’s Oh Dae Young, who has twenty years of experience under his belt in the Missing Persons unit. Jo Bo Ah also stars as a member of the unit.

Both Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon have a certain gravitas about them that I think would go well with the gritty themes of this suspenseful thriller of a drama. It is also a departure for Jo Bo Ah, who we have seen in light-hearted rom-coms. OCN, in general, is really good about tackling the complex and dark topics in their dramas, and if you fancy a crime-solving suspenseful drama (with probably a hint of brotherly love on the side) then “Missing Noir M” is the one for you.

Take a peak into the shady underworld of “Missing Noir M”:

divorce lawyer in love

Divorce Lawyer in Love
Saturdays and Sundays on SBS

In “Divorce Lawyer in LoveJo Yeo Jeong plays Go Cheok Hee, a career-driven divorce lawyer who will do anything to win. Jo Sung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) is her knit-picky office manager, who has no qualms about pointing out every single error she makes. The pair separates after the realization they can’t work together.  Flash forward a couple of years, and now Jo Sung Woo is a lawyer himself and Ko Cheok Hee, after having her license suspended, re-enters his life as his office manager. Bickering, comedy, and romance ensue.

I love the reversal premise of “Divorce Lawyer in Love” and that, despite their profession, their relationship leads them to love. They don’t like each other, and yet can’t leave the other alone, and they have just enough pride that they won’t ever back down. Yeon Woo Jin is definitely riding the wave of success from “Marriage Without Love” (“Marriage Not Dating”) and I think Jo Sung Woo is a perfect follow up role for him. The last time we saw Jo Yeo Jeong in a drama was 2012’s “Haeundae Lovers,” which basically means she needs a drama comeback. She comes across confident, strong, and poised in the teasers, and I think this role would be a good way to re-introduce her to K-drama audiences.

If you’re looking for a game of push-and-pull in your drama romances, look for further. The teasers for “Divorce Lawyer in Love” highlight perfectly the antagonistic relationship between the leads:

“Divorce Lawyer in Love” will premiere after “The Family Is Coming” wraps up.

 angry mom 2

Angry Mom
Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC

Here’s an interesting one: Kim Hee Sun plays Jo Gang Ja, a single mother who goes back to high school to protect her daughter (Kim Yoo Jung) from bullying. It seems she will uphold the drama’s title, “Angry Mom,” having a rebellious tough-girl past herself, one that Jo Gang Ja won’t hesitate to rely on as she tackles the hallways and drama of high school.

The premise of this drama may be a bit extreme, but I think it is one where Kim Hee Seon’s breadth as an actor can really shine, and I’m anticipating how she’ll pull off being a high school student. Something else to look forward to is the relationship between mother and daughter. I’m hoping for less over-protective and over-bearing mother, and more heart-warming positivity between the leads.

“Angry Mom” will premiere after the finale of “Kill Me, Heal Me.”

angry mom 1

That’s it for this round of K-dramas that are looming just over the horizon. What are you going to watch in March? Share your picks in the comments below.

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