Yura Plants a Kiss on Her

On the episode of “We Got Married” that aired on February 21, Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year and show off their expanding skinship repertoire with three types of skinship, including a kiss.

On the show, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura celebrate the Lunar New Year together by dressing in hanboks, traditional Korean clothing, and playing yoot, a traditional Korean game. At first, the game goes back and forth but eventually Yura takes the lead. Undeterred, Hong Jong Hyun tells Yura, “With yoot, you don’t know what’s going to happen until it’s all over,” and he ends up winning the game.

As punishment for losing the game, Yura has to kiss Hong Jong Hyun’s cheek. The two are simultaneously happy and embarrassed, and don’t know what to do with themselves. It takes a little time, but Yura succeeds in her mission and kisses Hong Jong Hyun on the cheek.

hong jong hyun yura 1

The two describe the kiss during their individual interviews. Hong Jong Hyun says, “I was really embarrassed. [The kiss] was somewhat moist,” and Yura says, “We got over another [skinship] hurdle.”

Yura goes on to say a typical New Year’s greeting, that “This year we’re going to succeed greatly.” Hong Jong Hyun agrees, saying, “I think so too, since I received a bow and kiss from my wife.”

As they say “Happy New Year,” they hug each other and interlock their fingers, displaying two other types of skinship.

hong jong hyun yura

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