Baro Heats Up the Jungle As the Daily DJ on “Law of the Jungle”

B1A4’s Baro heated up the jungle as he became a DJ for the day in “Law of the Jungle.”

On the episode of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle with Friends” aired on February 20, the Byung Man Tribe kicks off a start to their survival in Palalu of the Pacific Ocean.

In order to go fishing in the sea, the tribe makes spears and nets. However, after countless hours of survival, the whole group is exhausted. Baro, the youngster of the tribe, takes charge in reenergizing the tribe with some bouncy music.

Using the speakers he brought from Korea, DJ Baro picks the perfect songs, saying, “I know you all remember the good food we had yesterday. I’m playing J’s “Like Yesterday,” so we don’t forget yesterday’s feast.”

Yoon Se Ah immediately reacts to the music, bouncing along to the tune using props such as the nets and spears. Her club dancing with Baro’s music instantly heats the jungle up.

Baro’s next song is “Get Up,” which Yoon Se Ah continues to dance to. As Son Ho Joon watches her bounce to the beat, he jokingly says, “I’m worried that you won’t be able to find a marriage partner after people see you like this.”