Shinhwa Drops Dark MV Teaser for Their Upcoming Single “Sniper”

Legendary idol group Shinhwa has dropped a music video teaser for their upcoming single, “Sniper.”

The group will be celebrating 17 years since their debut this year and releasing their 12th album, “We,” on February 26. A single off the album was recently pre-released, called “Memory.”

Along with the rest of their album, Shinhwa will release the single “Sniper” on February 26, and to whet the appetites of fans, released a teaser for the “Sniper” music video. The teaser is dark and moody, as the camera zooms out of various dramatic locales where contemplative Shinhwa members are situated. A brief glimpse of their choreography is shown as well.

As for the song, a whistle can be heard throughout the teaser, repeating a catchy riff. A strong beat comes in halfway and the members’ harmony is heard for a few seconds before the teaser ends.

Watch the teaser below:

With Andy’s broadcast ban on MBC now lifted, fans will be able to see all six Shinhwa members on various shows as they promote their new album.

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