A Pink’s Bomi Proves to Be the Queen of Boxing on “Real Men”

Though she may seem like a delicate lady on stage, A Pink’s Bomi surprised everyone by showing off her incredible fist power during a boxing match.

On the female soldier special of MBC’s “Real Men” that aired on February 22, the members take part in a no gloves boxing battle after entering a training school.

Bomi, who is already known to be skilled at taekwondo, astonishes the whole crowd with her powerful fists. From the start of the game, she constantly showers the opponent with punches, not leaving a moment for a counterattack. At one point, her punches even cause the opponent’s helmet to spin.

Lee Da Hee shows her surprise at the youngster’s ruthless attacks by commenting, “Bomi is scary.”

lee da hee surprised

By the end of the match, Bomi wins 10 to 6, showing that she is truly a taekwondo master.