Hong Jong Hyun Poses with a Parrot for Fashion Spread in Esquire

Hong Jong Hyun shows off stylish shirts from clothing brand Jill by Jill Stuart in a fashion spread for Esquire magazine. He is joined by an unusual and colorful co-star in the photos.

In order to have a smooth shoot with a live animal, Hong Jong Hyun spent time before filming trying to get friendly with the parrot. Hong Jong Hyun made a lot of eye contact and skinship with the parrot. His efforts paid off as the shoot with the parrot went well.

hong jong hyun 1

Hong Jong Hyun wears clean-cut and stylish shirts in the photo spread, showing off a chic charm in some pictures while being playful in others.

hong jong hyun 3

hong jong hyun 2

Hong Jong Hyun’s pictorial is featured in the March edition of Esquire magazine, which will be released on February 23.