Song Jae Rim: “Trust Your Partner Even If You Don’t Know Everything About Her”

During a press conference for his upcoming drama “Unkind Women,” Song Jae Rim shared his belief that you should trust your partner even if there are things you don’t know everything about him or her.

On February 23, the upcoming KBS drama “Unkind Women” held a press conference. Song Jae Rim was asked about his virtual wife on “We Got Married,” Kim So Eun, and he started off by saying, “Ah, the 2 a.m. incident.” Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon were recently caught up in dating rumors as news outlets published photos of the two meeting together early in the morning. After the rumors made news, Kim So Eun explained to Song Jae Rim that the rumors were untrue.

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Song Jae Rim went on to say, “There’s a saying that you should love the things you know about each other and trust the things you don’t know about each other. It’s a line from the film ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings.’” Using a line from the film, Song Jae Rim conveys his trust towards Kim So Eun, even though there may be things he doesn’t know about her.

Song Jae Rim described his thoughts on “We Got Married,” saying “It’s a program that’s not quite real, not quite fake, that’s on the edge of fantasy.”

He was then asked to compare his “We Got Married” partner Kim So Eun with his romantic interest on “Unkind Women,” Lee Ha Na. He answered, “It’s hard to compare them. Kim So Eun is a person who you can talk to when you meet in a dream.”

“Unkind Women” is the story of three generations of hot-blooded women, portrayed by Kim Hye Ja (“Princess Hours“), Do Ji Won (“Healer“), Chae Si Ra (“Five Fingers“), and Lee Ha Na (“King of High School“). Kim Ji Suk (“Angel Eyes“) and Song Jae Rim play rivals for Lee Ha Na’s affections.

Regarding his role, Song Jae Rim laughs as he says, “I’m playing a normal character for once. Before I had to watch over a man, but this time I have an older woman [to watch over].” He makes a reference to his previous role as loyal bodyguard who protects the king on “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

When asked about Song Jae Rim, his co-star Lee Ha Na complimented him, saying “Song Jae Rim is very caring and takes care of others. He even removed all the meat of a chicken wing.” Song Jae Rim responded by joking “It’s one of my few talents.”

The first episode of “Unkind Women” airs on February 25.

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