Park Min Young Doesn't Care for Looking Pretty Anymore, Shrugs Off Criticism about Her Looks

In a candid interview with Star News, actress Park Min Young opens up about the lessons she learned during her two-year hiatus and how it fortified her to deal with harsh netizen criticisms about her looks while she was on the drama “Healer.”

She says, “I think this past two-year hiatus was a big turning point for me […] It was a time for me to empty myself and an opportunity to reflect. In the past, even if nobody was pressuring me, I felt pressure. The pressure and the vague fear of being forgotten were really big. At a certain point, acting became less enjoyable for me, and because I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself into my characters, I felt dissatisfied and empty. But as I took a break from acting and engaged in self-reflection, I began to treasure and experience a thirst [for acting]. It was then that I crossed paths with ‘A New Leaf.’”

A New Leaf” would become Park Min Young’s comeback drama and the launching pad for “Healer,” “Because of the two years I took emptying myself, I was able to completely focus on acting without any idle thoughts. There was never a time that acting was more enjoyable […] I also completely let go of the idea that I had clung to stubbornly, that an actress has to no matter what look pretty.”

The actress is referring to her role as a spunky and free-spirited entertainment reporter in “Healer,” “For the first time, I abandoned myself and only thought about the character. From the hairstyle to the clothes, makeup, and fashion, I adapted everything to the character.”

She continued, “Because [I let myself go], I received quite a lot of harsh comments. (laughter) Because my character doesn’t care about her looks and lives so busily and coarsely, I filmed that way. I just laughed while reading malicious comments like, ‘I thought she was pretty, but her beauty has deteriorated,’ ‘I didn’t know she was that ugly,’ and ‘Did she get surgery to get uglier?’”

“Obviously, as an actress, it’s not the ideal situation, but as I gradually immersed myself more and more into the acting without being concerned about the angles [of the shot], everything freed up and became comfortable […] Through letting go of that one desire [to look pretty], I became freer as an actress, to the point that I wondered why I didn’t do this earlier. Because my body and mind are at ease, I don’t have any useless thoughts. Acting becomes fun, and my desire to act only flourishes.”

Meanwhile, after finishing up “Healer,” Park Min Young is currently taking a break as she contemplates her next project.

Are you looking forward to her next role?

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