Bob Girls Disbands as Member Jina Is Diagnosed with Encephalitis

Chrome Entertainment‘s four-member girl group Bob Girls will be disbanding, only eight months after their debut, due to truly unfortunate circumstances.

It was revealed that one of the group’s members, Jina, was recently diagnosed with encephalitis. Although she did not detect any symptoms at the time of the debut, near the end of 2014, her condition started to deteriorate. After a close examination at the hospital, she was diagnosed with encephalitis and now must undergo treatment.

A representative from Chrome Entertainment told the media, “We were also extremely sad to hear about this at the end of the year. As Jina stopped activities, we decided to terminate our contracts with the other members Yoojung, Dahye, and Danbi.”

They further explained, “As we terminated our contract with Jina, we did the same for the other members. We wanted to give them an opportunity to go to different companies and start anew,” adding, “Bob Girls is only complete with four members, including Jina. It’s meaningless to lose members or have a member change.”

Bob Girls debuted in June of 2014 with single “No Way.” They were widely publicized as Crayon Pop‘s sister group.