Amber Reveals Being Ostracized for Her Looks

Amber from girl group f(x) opened up to viewers about how people treated her on MNet’s “4 Things Show.”

She talked about how her boyish concept drew negative comments and rumors from people around her.

“Everywhere I went, everyone asked me, ‘why do you look like that?’ Since a lot of people kept bothering me, I mostly kept to myself. People judged me based on my appearance and talked behind my back without any good reason. There was no one on my side, and I felt all alone. So I decided to put myself down. ‘It’s all my fault. I’m a bad person for looking like this.’”

Shunned from society, she had trouble telling her parents the emotional pain she was going through.

“I was afraid I would disappoint my mother if I told her, ‘mom, everyone makes fun of me because of the way I look and dress.’”

Amber reflected on herself to try and find why everyone disdained her.

“I always asked myself, ‘what did I do wrong?’ Aside from how I dressed, I liked to sew and watch sports. People might misjudge me because I chose not to wear a skirt, and they even told me ‘you have to act more like a girl,’ or ‘why are you so weird?’”

However, Amber pulled herself together with the support of her close friends.

“My friends love me and cheer me on for who I am. ‘Amber, are you alright? Just be yourself. You’re perfect the way you are.’”

On Amber’s recently released solo album, the song “Beautiful” holds a deep message about how to define beauty and how no two people are the same.

Check out the video below to listen to the song!


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