It is time for “We Got Married” highlights with bubblybribri! I personally liked this past week’s episode because it felt like the couples found so much joy in the little things they did together. It was as if they were just spending the day with one another and doing things that real couples would do in everyday life. Here are my favorite moments from this week’s episode!

1) Happy Lunar New Year from JJongAh

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I personally really enjoyed their segment this week because they just seemed to be having so much fun. They laughed a lot and smiled a lot. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura received their mission card, which told them to make New Year food and play games. They also received a package containing the traditional New Year outfit, called “hanbok.” They both looked so handsome and beautiful in their outfits. They gave each other money and wished each other a Happy New Year as they bowed down to each other. You could feel the sincerity they had towards each other, but they also just joked and laughed together. They went outside and made their own rice cakes by pounding sticky rice with a wooden hammer that looked like it could belong to Thor. They also cooked together and made little fried vegetable pancakes (jeon) and fish pancakes.

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After they finished making and eating their rice cake and food, they played “yut nori,” which is a traditional Korean game, typically played on New Year’s. They couldn’t just play for the sake of playing, so they came up with a punishment. Whoever lost would have to give the other person a kiss on the cheek, but if Jong Hyun lost, he would have to kiss her cheek while hugging her. Yura ended up losing the game and had to give Jong Hyun a kiss on the cheek. She stood there kind of embarrassed, with her arms wrapped around Jong Hyun’s neck. She was leaning in hesitantly, so Jong Hyun just yelled, “Hurry and just do it,” causing everyone, even Yura, to laugh. Yura finally mustered up her courage and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was actually really cute and I had to watch it again because it was a precious moment for the two of them. They played a second time and Yura lost the game again, so her punishment was that Jong Hyun could tickle her feet. Yura is super ticklish so she had a hard time staying still. Her feet were anxious even before Jong Hyun tickled her, but he thought the way she acted before he tickled her was so cute and adorable. Yura ended up trying to tickle Jong Hyun’s feet and he was just as ticklish, even though he tried to not let it bother him. The couple ended the night by saying “Happy New Year” and hugging and holding hands. They were all smiles all night long.

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2) Movie Night & Yellow Gifts

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I am really enjoying Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young because although they are a little older than the other two couples, they just have this natural chemistry and seem to really like each other. They do everyday things with each other and find a certain happiness in that. After they ate all the food they had delivered, they ate even more food because Jin Young prepared fruit and chocolate fondue for their Valentine’s Day dessert. They always make sounds when they eat. I guess it tastes better when they add sound effects! Min had to tell her to stop eating because fruit just kept going into her mouth. They finally laid down to watch romantic movie, “Notting Hill.” Jin Young just laid there, embraced in Min’s arms. They enjoyed the movie and were just still. When the main character received flowers, Jin Young asked Min why he doesn’t give her flowers. He responded with, “Are you crazy?” He asked her what flowers she liked and she said she liked freesias. Min then went on to make this random joke, which apparently left Jin Young speechless. She expressed her frustration in a playful way and Min just held on to her tightly and hugged her. He told her that he liked it when she got mad at him and said that he thought it was cute. They were both getting tired and Jin Young ended falling asleep in his arms. What they said in their personal interviews was what stood out to me. Min said that since eating good food and watching movies are his hobbies and what he likes to do, it was nice doing those things with Jin Young. Jin Young said that watching a movie with Min was definitely a different feeling compared to watching the movie at home by herself. She said it was nervousness/butterflies within comfort. It was special because they did ordinary things with one another.

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Later on, Jin Young was home by herself because Min had stepped outside for some fresh air. But he was really preparing yellow freesias and another yellow gift to surprise his wife. He wanted to do something special for his wife since she prepared a special event for their 300 day anniversary. She was so surprised and happy to see him come home with a bouquet of freesias, but felt bad that he paid so much for them. She said although the bouquet made her feel good, she would’ve been thankful for even just one. Min even prepared a yellow bike car to take his wife around. But pedaling the bike car was really difficult so he had to give up after a while. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

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3) Manager Kim & Actor Song

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It seems like our SoRim couple is past the scandal and back to normal. Song Jae Rim finally decided to use one of the Kim So Eun coupons that were gifted to him in Turkey. He decided to use the “Submissive Miss Kim” coupon, with which he could ask her to do anything for him. He decided that he would have her be his manager for one day to not only spend time with her, but he also wanted her to see him work. He prepared a typical manager padded vest (all managers have one supposedly), a diary/planner, and a bag. He even prepared a stamp card, with which she had to receive 10 stamps throughout the day to officially complete her managerial duties. Jae Rim’s real manager came and explained his entire schedule and where he needed to be at what time. His manager even wrote down a list of things to remember as a manager for So Eun. She escorted him to her car, opened the door for him, and drove him everywhere. She took on all the roles, not just the manager role. She was his hair stylist, makeup artist, stylist, manager, and wife. What a hectic day she must’ve had. She was kind of determined to make him a vampire. She washed his hair and did his makeup, which might have not turned out the way he expected, but he still enjoyed everything his wife did for him as Manager Kim. While she was doing his hair and makeup, Jae Rim noticed that the back of her shirt kept going up because of the mic. Being the gentleman he is, he pulled it down for her twice. But, it looked like he was touching her butt. The two glanced at each other and started laughing as So Eun told him, “Stop touching my butt,” and Jae Rim saying, “I didn’t touch your butt!”

js4 js5 js6 js7 js8

She later took him to his photoshoot and played stylist and prepared him for his shoot. She had water ready for him and made sure he looked perfect. The photographer said that Jae Rim was smiling way too much, as he constantly looked at So Eun. He knew he had to focus so he went back to his charismatic and cool self. He looked so handsome and attractive in the photoshoot. Man, if I were So Eun, I would probably just stare and try not to drool. I think it’s definitely a different feeling seeing your husband at work in his element. Jae Rim is a natural model. So Eun was making sure everything looked good and was monitoring his photos. While Jae Rim got ready for the next outfit, So Eun went to get some warm drinks and wrote notes on them to pass out to the staff on behalf of Jae Rim. How sweet is that? This was her taking care of her husband as a wife and as a manager. Jae Rim then decided to give So Eun two stamps if she joined him in the photoshoot. So this single photoshoot turned into a couple shoot. Jae Rim wanted to put the photo up in their home. Their chemistry is certainly undeniable. The photo felt more complete with So Eun included. Jae Rim said in his interview that having So Eun as a manager was just an excuse and that he wanted her to be more of his wife than an actual manager.

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I love how all of our couples find so much happiness not only in each other, but in everything they do together. They all have chemistry and they always have fun with one another. But it’s the simple, every day things that bring them so much joy.

Comment below and tell me what your favorite moment was! I am looking forward to this week’s episode! Who’s with me?

bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who really enjoys watching all the precious moments on “We Got Married.” She also enjoys K-POP STAR and loves all of her readers! You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment!

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