Kim Gura’s Son Kim Dong Hyun Signs Contract With Hip-hop Label Brand New Music

Kim Gu Ra’s son, Kim Dong Hyun, who was a trainee under the hip-hop label Brand New Music as MC Gree, has finally signed a contract with the company. He is planning to make his debut in the next few months.

Brand New Music released the good news of Kim Dong Hyun’s contract and his first pictorial through their SNS. They also posted MC Gree’s official name would now be GREE.

In the pictures, he is far from his former cute image. He has grown and gives off a mature and charismatic vibe, fit for a hip-hop artist.

A representative from the label said, “Kim Dong Hyun has been practicing diligently, showing fast improvement. We noticed his potential as the hip-hop artist GREE and decided to sign a contract with him. Our goal is to debut him in the first half of the year. We hope you continue to cheer him on with care and affection.”