Girl Group GI in Legal Battle with Agency as Members Demand Contract Termination

Girl group GI is currently in a complicated situation, as few of its members are in legal disputes with their agency over contract termination.

On February 25, it was revealed that member OneKet has filed a lawsuit against the group’s agency Shimtong Entertainment for a contract termination. Another member Aram is also undergoing a lawsuit to end her contract. She left the group last year.

Formerly, member Hayun left the group, but managed to terminate her contract with the agency after an agreement was reached between the two parties.

Aram and OneKet’s representatives are claiming that they have suffered from poor management which resulted in delays in activities. Fighting back, Shimtong Entertainment stated that the two members have breached their contract, which affected the group’s plans. They also claimed that they “supported the group in every way possible, even providing them with a dorm a year prior to their debut,” adding that they have “ran into obstacles in distribution and financing due to Aram and OneKet’s [actions.]” The agency further voiced their plans to promote GI with new members in the early half of 2015.

GI, which stands for Global Icon, debuted in April of 2013 with single “Beatles.”

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