Video: 4 Reasons to Watch 4Minute on After School Club

This week on “After School Club,” main MC Kevin was joined by B.I.G‘s Benji and the two boys were more than overjoyed that the guest of the week was a girl group. After their comeback with “Crazy,” 4Minute was finally able to appear on ASC! Can you believe it’s only their first appearance?

To make up for lost time, the MCs grilled the ladies on their debut, their dances, and the hilarious things that they’ve done in their past. The quizzes, coupled with the usual ASC corners made for a great episode and I hope the ladies of 4Minute return to ASC again in the near future.

Here are 4 highlights from the episode and you can scroll to the bottom of the page to watch it all!

1. Kevin makes questionable choices during the #ASCPrettyPlease corner.

asc-147-4minute-fan-request asc-147-4minute-hugging-kevin

He then pretends that he doesn’t want it to happen… Benji doesn’t believe him for a second.

2. Benji joins 4Minute.


But it’s just for a hot second and as a back-up dancer who snuck to the front.

3. Benji is forced to act like the newbie he is.

asc-147-benji-big-bow asc-147-4minute-dae-sunbae-kevin

He only debuted 8 moths ago. U-KISS debuted like 8 years ago. As the major sunbae, Kevin also received deep bows from 4Minute – while he panicked and told them to chill.

4. Fans shared the “Crazy” things that they’ve done for 4Minute.


The winner was definitely the fan who got two 4Minute tattoos! Do you have any K-pop inspired tattoos??

Catch the whole episode now:

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