KARA's Youngji Is Ethereal in CéCi; Shares How Seungyeon Watches after Her

KARA’s Youngji is featured in CéCi magazine’s March edition, which was released on February 26.

Usually known for her fun and slightly eccentric personality, she is portrayed with a youthful and feminine image in these photos. In an accompanying interview, she talked about her adjustment as a new KARA member, the things she’s learned from her KARA unnis, and her tomboy past.

Though she debuted less than a year ago, Youngji has quickly risen in popularity. Last May, Youngji joined the established girl group KARA. She then joined the cast of variety show “Roommates” and became well-loved for her eccentric personality and open-mouthed laugh. She’s currently part of Jung Hyung Don and Defconn’s project group Chamsonyeo, the girl group counterpart to Big Byung.

In the interview, Youngji is asked how she was able to adjust well after joining KARA as a new member.

She said, “It’s because I liked KARA as a fan. As a trainee, I listened to KARA songs and I practiced to them.” She also shared that the other KARA members take good care of her, stating “The KARA unnis look after me very well. After the year-end awards were finished, many fans crowded around us. Seungyeon unni held my hand tightly to make sure I didn’t get lost in the crowd.”


It has already been nine years since KARA’s debuted. When asked what she learned from the other members who have so much more experience, she said “The unnis, even if they are practicing something just one time, they practice it with their all, with all their strength. They don’t rest a day. Even if they have a day off, they exercise or they take care of themselves in some other way. In the future, when I have a day off, I’m going to exercise or take lessons. I learned this by watching the unnis. Even when they are getting their makeup done, the unnis maintain their posture. They are always maintaining themselves.”

Youngji went on to share a cute anecdote from her school days, stating “I was a big tomboy. I played soccer everyday and one year I broke six pairs of glasses because of heading. I also often wore casts. One day, my teacher asked, ‘You didn’t get your cast off yet?’ And I answered, ‘Teacher, that time was my left side and this time it’s my right.’”

The CéCi interviewer said of Youngji, “The shooting went so well thanks to Youngji’s positivity and infinite brightness. Youngi had to get a plane to Japan immediately after the shoot, but Youngji gave it her all so we’re thankful.”

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