Actress Baek Jin Hee Advises Against Receiving Plastic Surgery

Baek Jin Hee, who has been a beauty since birth, gave sincere advice to her fan who wanted plastic surgery.

Filling in for Sunny, the original DJ who went on vacation, Baek Jin Hee was the substitute DJ for MBC FM 4U’s “FM Date” on February 26.

When a listener sends in a message saying, “You’re so beautiful,” she modestly replies, “I’m not that pretty. Thank you for thinking of me so highly.” She smartly adds, “I will, however, get prettier.”

Another listeners sends, “I think you are such a beauty. I want to have plastic surgery to look like you.” However, Beak Jin Hee gives personal advice, saying, “Don’t receive plastic surgery. The moment you let a knife near your face, you might be ruining a perfectly nice future. You are beautiful the way you are right now, mentally and physically.”

Meanwhile, she will be the DJ for “FM Date” from February 26 to March 1.