Lee Gook Joo Performs EXID’s “Up and Down” Dance on “Everybody”

Lee Gook Joo recently surprised viewers when she flawlessly completed EXID’s “Up and Down” dance.

The dance occurred when the comedian appeared on the February 27 broadcast of JTBC’s “Everybody,” showing off her completely unexpected figure. The MCs, praising her by saying that her dance skills were just as unexpected as her figure, then requested that she perform the dance for the EXID song on the spot. At that, Lee Gook Joo performed a glamorous and sexy rendition of “Up and Down” while the rest of the shows guests watched in admiration.


After being asked what he thought of the dance, actor Lee Jung replied that he thought Lee Gook Joo had a natural talent. At that, the MCs then told Lee Jung that he was Lee Gook Joo’s ideal type, leaving him momentarily speechless and drawing laughter from everyone.

Watch Lee Gook Joo’s “Up and Down” dance below!